About this blog and the author

At the crest of a successful career in New York City as an advertising copywriter, Lesley Stern abruptly quit her Executive Vice President/Group Creative Director job at a top ad agency and branched out into living like a hobo.   She  parlayed her new found skills into a Huffington Post series “How to Live on $0 a Day–Tips for the Nouveau Poor.”

Following a nine month sojourn in Auvers sur Oise, (16 miles from Paris) she became convinced that the only way she would be able to pursue the American Dream was to move permanently to France.

She returned to California, determined to save enough money to go back.   After years of work and suffering in her parents’ Sonoma Valley cottage, she saved enough to return, this time to Vidauban in the Provence/Cote D’azur region of France.

She decided things were going to be different this time around.   Instead of just aimlessly soaking in the art, history, scenery and cuisine, learning new things, adapting to a new culture, geography and language, she will assign herself a specific goal, a task, a raison d’etre, if you will.

It had to be aspirational, but not totally out of reach.     Something that somehow has the potential to guarantee a life of happiness and comfort. She tried the whole career/hard work thing and that didn’t pan out.

Ms. Stern hard at work on her latest project

She opted to try something totally new and groundbreaking (for her):  find a man.   Seriously.  Not just any man.  That would be cliche.   He had to be handsome, intriguing, talented,  very, very rich, accessible (ie: have a lavish estate or villa somewhere near Vidauban) and be a possible Twitter trending topic (a writer needs an audience).  In a perfect world, he would have played Edward Scissorhands (free haircuts!).

With such exacting criteria, Lesley really only had one choice. Fortunately, Johnny Depp lives about 20 miles from Vidauban.   This blog will chronicle her stalking.

Don’t get her wrong, Ms. Stern  realizes that marrying Johnny Depp may not be realistic goal, considering he has a family and all (however, she wouldn’t be adverse to giving him a go should his circumstances change).   Lesley would be perfectly satisfied to become close friends with the entire family.   So close, she and her two cats will be invited to take up permanent residence in a wing of their villa (or perhaps a tastefully converted barn on the property?).  Of course, they will introduce her to their rich, single male friends (who all look like Johnny Depp).   At the very least she hopes to get one good picture of him she can sell to the tabloids for millions of dollars and maybe a book deal.

Beyond that, Ms. Stern has no future plans.   She’ll figure that out when she finds him.

Lesley’s Real France blog

Lesley’s Huffington Post bio and archives

Lesley’s website, should you want to give her some work.



6 Responses to “About this blog and the author”

  1. My wife and I stayed in Plan de la Tour recently and spotted Johnny watching a rock tribute band at the village “Fete de la Musique”. It was only after we returned home from Provence that I came across Lesley’s blog, which we greatly enjoyed. Like Lesley, I scared the crap out of myself driving a rented car on a couple of those mountainside roads of death – the D44 “scenic route” to Plan de la Tour and the D74 from Plan de la Tour to La Garde Freinet. Keep up the good work, Ms Stern, and I’m sure you will soon be sitting in Johnny’s jacuzzi, sipping cool Provencal wine with Johnny and his pals. Bonne chance!

  2. I’m looking for Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend. Any sightings? And how do you survive in the south of France by writing a blog for a living?

    • Sorry Bruto, no sightings of Vanessa. Which is a shame, since my latest Google alert says she and Johnny were recently seen attached at the hands.
      And in answer to your other question: very frugally.

  3. Following in the footsteps of a supermodel . . .

    Kate Moss has kind words for her time with Johnny Depp in the mid-1990s, when she said she felt taken care of. After their break-up in 1998, “I really lost that gauge of somebody I could trust. Nightmare. Years and years of crying.”

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