I can’t help thinking this is all my fault

This morning I awoke to pages and pages on my Google alert — headlines from around the world informing me that Johnny and Vanessa have in fact split.   This time, I believe it as the source seems to be Johnny’s own representatives, not radar online.   And hey, if it’s in the LA Times, it must be true, right?

I feel bad.   The troubles in Johnny and Vanessa’s relationship started right around the time I started stalking him.    You do the math.

But it just shows what a fine man Johnny is.   So many men only have the balls to leave when they’re already in the next relationship. At least Johnny had the decency to end it with Vanessa  before even meeting me.


9 Responses to “I can’t help thinking this is all my fault”

  1. Gay Stern Says:

    I’m so happy for you!!

  2. man, i love this blog! hahahahahahah you’re hilarious! 🙂

  3. I love this site! You are a genius. Johnny does not know what he is missing!

    • Thank you, Peter. Maybe you could let Johnny know what he’s missing? I don’t seem to be getting through to him.

      • Well, I definitely will try. I am in southern france right now and if by chance I bump into him I will let him know. If I can’t convince him on a romantic engagement with you, perhaps, I should point out your amazing potential to serve as his PR agent.

      • If you can do that, you have amazing potential to serve as MY PR agent. Where in the South are you?

      • In small town in the black mountains, east of Toulousse…called Mazamet. I fear this locale would be far to sleepy to attract Mr. Depp, though!

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