It takes a village

As I was stalking Johnny at the daily market this morning, it occurred to me that perhaps I would increase my chances of finding Johnny if I were to enlist the help of others. Recruiting citizen stalkers to keep an eye out for me, so to speak.  So I put my marketing expertise to work and created the flyer you see above.

In English, it reads:  “Lost!!!  If you see him, he belongs to me.   Please call 0616881424 immediately.”

Then I distributed it around town

I think I’ve got Antibes pretty well covered.    Tomorrow, I’ll start in other villages.


3 Responses to “It takes a village”

  1. OMG this is great, you just made my day and put a big lol-smile on my face. Wat did people say? Did someone actually ring you? That would be funny. Did you hide around a corner just to watch peoples faces he he. Keep up the good work. What’s the weather like over there? Have you seen his mansion? It looks huge on pictures

    • Thanks Noppie. Glad I made you smile. I had a great time doing it. Mostly people looked at me funny, then read the sign and laughed. A couple of women said “moi aussi” or “il est a moi!!!!” One kept saying “c’est tres, tres genial”. But my greatest triumph was getting it in the police office. They seemed to enjoy it too. No phone calls…yet. Weather here is warm (70’s) mostly sunny and a little muggy right now. I haven’t seen his mansion because it’s away from the road, and would require trespassing and I’m not that kind of stalker. But I’m pretty sure I saw the entrance during my fearful drive to plan de la tour…it has a sign that says something about a Mauvais chien. But the picture in the header of this blog is supposedly his house.


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