Wanted: a one bedroom apartment in hell

According to my news sources, the Christian right has condemned Johnny to burn in hell.    Apparently, they’re up in arms because he played guitar (and sang, according to some) on a new release  from the British band Babybird.  The song is called “Jesus Stag Nightclub.”  It’s about a drunk guy in a bar who turns out to be Jesus (if I were Jesus, I’d be getting drunk too.   I bet he gets really depressed around the holidays).  You can hear the offending song below.

First of all, I like the song, and I’d like to thank the Christian right for calling my attention to it.  I’ve already downloaded it.

More importantly, if the Christian right is correct about the Johnny burning in hell thing, I’ll have to find a place to rent down there so I won’t have to commute too far to stalk him.  Just a small pied de terre, nothing fancy.  I’d still like to reside in France part time in case he comes back for a visit, so I really can’t afford more than 2000 yuan a month (I’m assuming they’re on Chinese currency in hell).   If you hear of anything, please let me know.

Some people may think I’m nuts to follow him, first to the South of France and now to hell, but I beg to differ.   Now, if I were following him to LA, that would be a different story.


5 Responses to “Wanted: a one bedroom apartment in hell”

  1. omg – 2000 yuan! so good.

  2. are you going to LA now? hahha I love your blog

    • Thanks Li! I think I’ll continue stalking him here in the south of france. At least here when I don’t find him I can drown my sorrows in a delicious yet reasonably priced rose.

  3. Nice!!! Hahahah good luck 🙂

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