Will the real Johnny Depp please stand up? Come to think of it, please lie down.


Or is this Johnny?

Maybe this guy?

For months now, I’ve been getting Google alerts informing me that Johnny Depp has been spotted on the Isle of Wight.  It concerned me, because obviously if he’s spending all his time on the Isle of Wight, it makes me feel a little silly stalking him in the South of France.

Yesterday I got an alert that  informed me that the Johnny Depp they’ve been talking about all this time, may, just may be a faux Johnny Depp.   For the first time, they posted a picture of him and all I can say is are you kidding me, Isle of Wight?   Jeez, it seems all a guy has to do to pass as Johnny Depp these days is to put on a hat and cool glasses.

Look at these so called Depp look alikes I found online (two of the pictures are faux, one is real … or is it?).   Anyone who can’t tell the real deal isn’t worthy to stalk him, in my opinion.   They ought to be ashamed.


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