The beauty of ancient hilltop villages

I just love these medieval villages perched way up above the Cote d’Azur.   The stalking coverage they provide is phenomenal.   Especially on a clear day.

I can climb to the very top of these hills where crumbling ancient fortresses once served as look-outs for invaders.   Here I can stalk Johnny for miles on end.

In my opionion, the best hilltop villages for stalking Johnny Depp so far are:

EzeIt’s a bit of a hike, and can get crowded with other stalkers, but there are nice chairs for comfortable stalking a vantage point that can’t be beat and even some telescopes.  What more can you ask?

St. Paul de VenceYou can enjoy a lovely lunch at Le Tilleul with expansive views that allow you to stalk Johnny while dining (talk about multi-tasking).   After lunch you might want to stalk him in the artsy shops.

Biot is a charming place to stalk Johnny.    You might want to try looking for him in the artisan glass shops in the village as well.

Haut de CagnesYou can see from the Maures Mountains (where Plan de la Tour and Johnny’s home is) to the Alps and up the coast from the top of Grimaldi Castle.   That covers a lot of ground.  Telescopes are provided.


Grasse isn’t exactly a hilltop village, it’s more like a small town perched high on a mountain, but you’ve got to love a place that not only provides telescopes it also has beautiful map so you can chart the coordinates should you find Johnny while scanning the countryside.


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