Watching a master stalker in action

I’m sitting at Les Deux Magots on Blvd St. Germain, enjoying a $30.00 glass of orange juice, coffee and croissant.   This seems like the ideal location to stalk Johnny since it’s reknowned for being a hang out for artists and great thinkers … 100 years ago. Today, it has a decent bathroom.

Once I determine that Johnny isn’t present, I focus my attention to the man at the next table.  Perhaps I should stalk him.  Hell, if he can afford eat here, he may be a worthy target…at least until Johnny shows up.  But I quickly realize there’s already a stalking going on.

If you look closely at the top of the chair behind the orange juice you’ll see the finest stalker I’ve ever had the privilege to observe in action.  He/she sits calmly on the chair like an invited guest waiting for his/her moment.   In the flicker of an eye, he/she swoops in and takes the petite pain au chocolate he/she has been eying (estimated cost, $7.00).

It’s hers now.   All hers!   And no one can take it away!  She and the pain au chocolat will fall madly passionately in love and she’ll never have to worry about stealing another pastry again.   As you can well imagine, it’s the most delicious, fulfilling, talented, handsome, sexy, pain au chocolate on the face of this earth.

That bird is sooooo lucky!


2 Responses to “Watching a master stalker in action”

  1. This blog is literally the best thing ever! 😀

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