Screw Google, I’m in Paris!

After my San Tropez sighting I’m relying less on Google alerts(today’s news:   something about Rango, he’s agreed to a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean, Penelope Cruz thinks he looks better in a dress than she does and he jammed with Alice Cooper in England the other night) and more on my gut instinct.   Hell, if I listened to Google alerts, I’d have to move to England to get any serious stalking done, and that would be a total bummer.

It’s sale season in France.   They happen twice a year and the dates are determined by the government, so they’re a pretty big deal.   Who doesn’t like a sale?   Especially in Paris where there’s so much to choose from.   Note to self:   see if Galeries Lafayette in Paris carries night vision goggles.  

My gut says Johnny will be here.   Maybe to pick up a hat or new glasses frames or something.    Maybe he’ll see me try on a pair of 200 Euro San Tropez-made sandals I can’t afford, and like them so much on me, he’ll insist on buying them for me as a gift — I’ve heard he likes to help the needy.


One Response to “Screw Google, I’m in Paris!”

  1. lol come to england ill help you stalk lol

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