You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to stalk Johnny Depp

Today I went to the tourism office and asked the best way to get to Johnny Depp’s house (quelle est la meilleure manière d’arriver à Johnny Depp maison?).   I had to ask a few times because apparently, I was pronouncing “Johnny” wrong.

When she finally understood me, she gave me a stack of bus schedules.   I’m guessing Johnny has a car, because he happens to live in a village with incredibly limited public transport options.   There’s no train station and no direct bus  from Vidauban.  In fact, the only way I can get there is to take a bus or train to Les Arcs and then a bus to Plan de la Tour which only runs four, no wait, three times daily.

The first bus leaves at 6:45AM.   The second one leaves at 12:30PM.   The final one leaves at 18:25PM (which is a late start, even with daylight savings time starting soon).   Despite the fact that Plan de la Tour is only 8.7 miles away, the bus ride takes an hour (it makes several stops in Sainte Maxime, which I’m sure is lovely if I wasn’t in a hurry).  Worse, I have to coordinate the train/bus from Vidauban to Les Arcs which will increase my transit time.   It almost makes me wish I decided to stalk Brad Pitt, who is in Brignoles, which is far more accessible.   But the heart wants what the heart wants, and it isn’t Brad Pitt.

Obviously, in order to get a full day in, I should take the 6:45AM bus.   But that will require I get up at like 4:00AM to shower, shave my legs, put on make up and my fancy jeans, stock some provisions and get from Vidauban to Des Arcs.   Or maybe I get a pup tent and take the afternoon bus and sleep over by his driveway?   I’m going to have to give this some serious thought.



4 Responses to “You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to stalk Johnny Depp”

  1. The pup Says:

    I like the pup tent idea. cp

  2. feather Says:

    Ok, so you’re completely insane. I like it! Being a Johnny fan myself, and coming to Vidauban in August, i think i’ll follow your blog like a tour guide. But if he’ll have to choose between us two, i swear i’ll forfeit if you could just help me out a little here: i wanna buy cosmetics and clothes from Vidauban (or any other town close to it)..can you tell me where can i find nice stuff that’s not outrageously expensive? I’d rather spend my money on a telescope and/or some chloroform :))

    • Hi Feather! You made me laugh. Methinks you must be a bit insane too (in a good way, of course).
      To be honest, I didn’t do much shopping when I was in Vidauban (I’m now in Antibes). I actually liked the Sunday market the best…has a bit of everything, good prices. Pharmacies are good for cosmetics, though. Otherwise, I wouldn’t say Vidauban is much of a shopping town. Draguignon seems like a better bet. But I’m going to a wedding in Vidauban next week, so I’ll ask around for you. Check back in a week and I’ll get some tips for you (I’ll do anything to eliminate my competition for Johnny). Two questions: Will you have a car and where in Vidauban are you staying? It’s a great little village!
      More next week…

      • feather Says:

        Hey! I’m staying on the domain D’Astros, not in the main chateau, but in the smaller one, for employees. I don’t drive, but my boyfriend (bless his understanding heart) does, and he could borrow a car in case of a stalking emergency! I know Vidauban is small, so I guess Draguignan it is, then. But thanks in advance for asking around. Also, do people there speak english? I’m not so good at french..but i’ll start learning until i come. Have fun at the wedding!

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