Stalking through the pain

I refuse to dwell on the disappointment of not finding a lovely bag of cat litter from Johnny Depp waiting for me upon arrival.   I’m sure he was busy promoting Rango and I’ll have to accept that work will take him away from the region on occasion.   Fortunately, my landlords here in Vidauban were not promoting a major motion picture and the kitties were well taken care of when we got here.

I was planning to hit the ground stalking, but I seem to be coming down with a cold or fatal disease at the moment, so I’m going to take it easy for a few days.

However, I do plan to use the downtime to practice.   Today, I tested the efficacy of my iPhone camera while sitting on my terrace huddled in blankets drinking herbal tea.

The subject I’m test-stalking here is a neighbor’s house about 100 yards away.

This isn’t bad, but clearly I’ll either have get closer than 100 yards to get any sort of recognizable photo or use a camera with a more powerful zoom.   From here, it would still be difficult to tell the difference between Johnny and Russell Brand.   That simply won’t do.

If I’m not feeling better tomorrow, maybe I’ll try my video camera and see how that works.   But right now, I really need a nap.



5 Responses to “Stalking through the pain”

  1. is this is house????

    • god no. He lives in Plan de la Tours (I discovered that tidbit with a google search) which is about 20 miles from here). There are a bunch of mountains in this area and I’m going to have to figure out how to get to to his village before I can get down to business. It’s not accessible by train (smart move, Johnny) It should take me months, if not years to figure it out.

    • BTW, Lori, the house in the header is supposed to be his…(the picture is courtesy of the internet, of course).

  2. Is this the same Johnny Depp who is in the movies.

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