Hey Johnny, could we borrow a few pounds of cat litter?

One of the many things I’ve been worried about is the fact that I arrive in Vidauban on a Sunday and all the stores will be closed. This is a minor problem for me, but a major one for my cats, who will have been traveling for 20 hours without the comforts of a litter box. When we get there we will need a nice clean box of litter waiting for them.

Johnny, since you’re the only person I know in the area, I was wondering if you could maybe drop off a bag of litter at my new place — 136 Traverse des Arbousiers, 83550 before our arrival on March 6th (ETA 3:30PM). It would be a nice neighborly thing to do and would get this whole stalking you thing off on the right foot.


5 Responses to “Hey Johnny, could we borrow a few pounds of cat litter?”

  1. If Johnny doesn’t reply, you can get disposable litter boxes pre-filled with litter at the grocery store and pack it. It what the rest of us international travelers do.

  2. Gail Mackenzie-Smith Says:


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